6 Months of Seasonal Flowers


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Monthly Flower Delivery! Pay upfront & choose your first delivery date. We’ll send a beautiful bouquet of specially selected seasonal flowers for the duration of your subscription. After your first delivery, subsequent deliveries will be made on or around the 18th of each month. The exception to delivery on or around the 18th of each consecutive month will be where the 18th of the month falls on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday, in which case delivery will be made on the first available working day thereafter. Handy to know: Save up to £30 6 beautiful flower deliveries in total Delivered once a month for the next 6 months Download this PDF to email or present to recipient Our subscription bouquets are specially designed each month and feature fresh, seasonal flowers Receive seasonal flowers to the minimum value of £31. 00 every month for the medium bouquet and £34. 00 for the large bouquet FREE Delivery